Blu-ray player to connect to wi-fi


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Oct 27, 2013
I am at what I suppose is the trailing, rather than the cutting edge of modern technology and upgrade years after everybody else. I am therefore feeling very proud of my new (7 years old) Panasonic TH-37PX60B plasma TV and want to upgrade my Sony NS355 DVD player to a Blu-ray one to make the most of the potential HD picture quality via the HDMI connections. I also want to be able to connect to our wireless network to get BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player and possibly other film sites online. I currently use my son's Wii to get iPlayer but cannot get anything else. I am not really interested in 3D.

While I had been looking at Panasonic models for compatibility (possibly a DMP-BDT230EB) I wonder if there are other makes that would work as well, possibly better, at a relatively low price level (up to £150) or possibly in the secondhand market?

I would prefer something with wireless connectivity built in rather than having to buy a separate dongle.

Any constructive advice welcomed.

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Practically all bluray players at that price point are going to have wifi and smart tv functionality so I'd choose the one that looks nicest and/or gives you best compatibility with your TV. I don't know Panasonic players at all but I have seen Sony, Samsung and LG which have good UIs for their functionality. Most LGs have the bonus of including Spotify as well... :)


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Mar 11, 2012
I have the Panasonic and wouldn't recommend it for it's network connectivity.

Bluray playback is good and movie playback via the NAS is also good, but if I attempt to use the smart functions or update the firmware it causes problems which usually ends up with me unplugging the unit.

I've looked on the internet and found other people with similar issues.

I actually bought mine as it plays flac, but unfortunately it only recognizes 40 tracks from 1500 stored on my NAS and this is wired... Does sound good with those played through the AV amp though.


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