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El Hefe

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Jun 21, 2008
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Hi all,

After a number of years not upgrading my home cinema system, I have recently upgraded my 12 years old Yamaha RXV795aRDS receiver to a Yamaha RXV 2067.

My TV is an Samsung LED 55" TV (not 3D) and Blu Ray player was purchased in 2008 is th Sony flagship BDP S1E.

For 3 years I did not really follow the evolution of Blu Ray technology, hence I am a bit loss where are we at with this.

After the dealer set up my 2067, then only I realised that my Sony so called flagship unit can only deliver 5.1 channel (is this true?)

So, I am in pursuit of a new Blu Ray player. Apprecaite you recommendations of player up to GBP 1000.

What I need in the player:

1. Able to send data to my 2067 for the latest (or maybe even future) audio format.

2. Able to play 2D and 3D movies (I will be upgrading the TV to 3D next year)

3. Access to BD Live

4. Wireless DLNA if possible, if not wired is OK too



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