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Aug 10, 2019
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I was about to go and purchase a blu-ray player along with a Blu-ray burner for the computer in order to make my own hi def video's. I already have a sony hi-def video camera so thought i might as well get the rest in order to view my films in all their glory.

I halted with the idea after reading on the internet that current blu-ray players won't actually play homemade blu-ray movie's burned onto blu-ray recordable media. I found this all very confusing and hard to understand what this all ment.

But basicly sony switched of the ability to play recordable blu-ray media on the new players sometime earlier this year to stop piracy. I can fully understand this, but what about the normal consumer like me.

I have already purchased a Sony Hi-Def Camera with the full intention of burning my own disc's but now they won't let me do that.

Does anybody know when this is likely to change and if so what players will allow this, the new BDP-S500 was going to be the player of choice


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Jul 21, 2007
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Unfortunately if what you say is correct, this seems like another example of manufacturers using means to defeat pirates that adversley affect their own consumers.

I have to say that personally I'm against all forms of digital copyright control just as I'm against regional coding. They codes all seem to get broken sooner or later and the only person who seems to lose out is the consumer who seems to end up with restricted usuage of the product they purchased.

Personally I think the money would be better spent tracking down and prosecuting pirators than coming up with ever more complex copyright systems that just appear to constantly adversley affect consumers rights to use products in the way that they might have traditionally been expecting to.

One has to wonder, now that prices are dropping if its not the restricted usage issue thats still putting consumers off buying these new formats en masse?

Sorry it doesn't help answer your question but just wanted to chip in on subject with my 2 cents.


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