Blu-Ray Help needed please!

Dan Turner

New member
Jul 9, 2007
Hi - I am looking to upgrade to a Blu-Ray player - one good enough with normal DVD to also replace my Denon DVD1940. I have a Sony STRDA3300ES receiver and Pioneer PDP427XD telly. The receiver can take LPCM over the HDMI, but it can't decode the new HD sound formats. The telly can accept a 1080p/24fps signal, but not 1080p/50hz (i.e.what DVD would be if upscaled to 1080p I believe).

Therefore what I'm after is a Blu-Ray player that can decode all sound formats on-board and output as LPCM, and that is also a dab hand with normal DVD. However is it possible to find one that can have a different setting for DVD upscaling (ideally 720p) and leave the Blu-Ray output in native 1080p/24fps? In my experience it's better to upscale at the source rather than let my TV do it, but I'm assuming that it woiuld be better to let the Blu-Ray pictures be sent in their native format.

Or happy to to have feedback on whether I'm barking up the wrong tree - should I just set the Blu-Ray player to output everything as 720p?

Help greatly appreciated - Dan.


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