Blu ray HDMI issues


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello experts

Just a quick query please.

Have a blu ray player that like most now, processes all the excellent Master HD audio onboard, however, my receiver is a Yamaha RX-V563 (Euro model) (1.2 HDMI)-which though excellent, does not process the most up to date Dolby audio processes.

I do not want to lose out on the brilliant onboard audio processing offered by the blu ray player-so-

Q. Am I better off using a HDMI cable direct to my plasma (for video), and 7.1 plugs (which my blu ray player offers) to my receiver for audio?

Q. Or using 2 HDMI plugs one from the blu player into the dedicated blu ray HDMI input (on the receiver) and using an additional HDMI cable from the receiver to the T.V?

(would this method interefere with the work done by the blu ray player, or would the receiver simly "passthrough" audio (intact and processes) and video?

Blu ray player:- LG D390

A/V:- Yamaha RX-V563 (Euro model)

TV:- Panasonic Plasma 42" TH-42PX81 (Euro model)

Speaker system:- JAMO A102 HCS

All cabling and wiring:- QED


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