Blu Ray advice for a novice


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Aug 10, 2019
Could any of you guys explain a few things before i make my first BD purchase, some of the decks i've been reviewing offer a "24fps" however my LCD is not. Is this an auto feature or one that is switchable in the decks settings. In other words anything to concern myself with or influence my purchase ?

Secondly HD audio, as my Denon receiver doesn't have any hdmi in/outs i'm looking at BD players that offer multi-channel analogue outs, however i've read that this can be tricky to set up, (something about lyp syncing and sub phasing) i did say i was a novice !!! Is this a worthwhile upgrade over my existing digital coax connection, and how does the HD audio formats differ in quality via either hdmi or the previous mentioned multi channel analogue outs. I hope i've explained my dilemma as i just want to get the make the correct buy. Surely we all dont have to buy a certain 5* performer



I know where you are coming from as i had the same dilemma when i owned a non 24fps screen.

The 24fps mode can be switched off on Blu Ray players, if there is any out there that cant be switched, then its news to me but yes you can turn it on and off. In regards to the quality you will get on your LCD tv, should be awesome, a blu ray player is the biggest add on required with any HD Ready or Full HD to get something short of brilliant showing on your screen. The 24fps mode is awesome if you have a tv that supports it as things move super smooth and surreal but in your case having a tv that does not support this, is not a big worry, you will still gain a brilliant picture but movement will be the same as dvd's (which is nothing to be bad about at all).

Right, about the HD audio, as you have a amplifier like mine that does not support HD audio, the best thing to do (like i have) is to get a blu ray player that has onboard HD audio decoding as this will give you the best possible audio stream to your Denon receiver, in regards with the connectivity, i opted to connect my blu ray to my amplifier via the optical socket as my blu ray is the mighty Pioneer BDP-LX52 which has no analogue output but i find this not a worry as i prefer having one audio lead rather than 5 or 6 analogue leads going into my amplifier, the sound quality is awesome via optical as long as you have a top blu ray player (in your budget) and some good leads (i have the award winning True Colours Industries - Coral optical which is only around £35! which is a steal).

So in total, get a good blu ray player, if possible avoiding the non award winners as you need a decent player considering you have a tv that is not upto date and you want the best picture possible displaying on your screen. In the sound department, again the same rules apply, if you are to keep your Denon amplifier then you will need a good blu ray player that has HD audio decoding onboard but mainly a player that decodes it in excellent quality, there are loads of players out there that decode HD audio but most dont do a good job at it. The final thing is to get some good quality interconnects, this is vital for your Denon to give as good as it gets from the blu ray player. Have a look at the award winners this year from What Hi-Fi, there is some great players to consider aswell.

I hope this helps you out.