Blu ray a/v problem


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Aug 10, 2019
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Help Guys,

I have just bought a sony BDP-S380 Blu Ray player. it is connected to my Optoma projector via my Yamaha RX-V667 receiver. When playing blu ray discs the picture is perfect, but when playing DVDs and watching internet content the picture is snowy. I have sky hd through the same system and that is fine. I also know it isn't an HDMI cable issue. It is as if the non HD signal is too weak as the projector keeps losing the signal and wants to power off before it kicks into life again. Don't understand cos it dealt perfectly with my old DVD player. I have tried it directly to the projector and it works, so it's obviously the receiver but don't know how to fix it,




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sounds like it is a cable issue.

the upscaled image needs MORE bandwidth than a native 1080p image. this presuming that you are not doing any upscaling at the projector and it is being done at the player/AV side.