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Aug 10, 2019
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HERE GOES- I have just finished having a garage converted into a games room. The room measures 5mx5m with a vaulted 2.7m ceiling. On the front we have placed a 4.5m x 4.0m conservatory which will open up into a one large 9.0m long room. I have a 15 year old Sony LBTD305 stack system which i still rate, and would simply like to add speakers to it, before updating to separates later in 2008. Am i wasting my time and i should just move straight to separates. If i do, would the what i fi budget system let me down in a room this size. From what i have read i think i need floor standing speakers, would the kef iq5se's be big enough. My budget will be approx £1000.00 pounds if i go down the separates route.

NB:Last year i used what hi fi's recommendations to purchase a panasonic th42px60, yamaha rxv1600, kef kht1005 speakers and a toshiba sd350 dvd player coupled with sky hd which i am really pleased with.I have already got the hd cables down to the new games room and will want to buy another 42" plasma for watching sport, will this affect my choice of amp if the advice is to go the separates route now.

LOTS OF KNOWLEDGE NEEDED I KNOW, if anyone wants to educate me i will be a willing listener


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Aug 24, 2007
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I think you'll be surprised how good a decent budget system is these days and how much better it will be than your current set up.

You do have a big room to fill, but it's not just the speakers that need to be good. I would be tempted to go 2nd hand for a good Musical Fidelity amp and CD, along with speakers on similar lines the the Kef. MF amps tend to have more power than most others and hence distortion doesn't appear as early on the volume knob. A big room may need this. You will also have the look at speaker sensitivity, I don't know what the KEF is rated but you want to look for a speaker that's easy to drive for best effect too.


Cheers i am off to look up music fidelity thanks for the starting point.