Bi-amping Monitor Audio Bx2s when using Marantz MCR 603?


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Aug 10, 2019

I'm pretty new to all this stuff, so apologies in advance if I've missed anything obvious here, but I just wondered whether anyone could help with a query I've got?

I've recently bought a Marantz MCR 603, which I've teamed with Monitor Audio BX2 speakers. I was considering bi-wiring the speakers, but the What Hi Fi review suggests that the BX2s sound better single-wired. I'm more than happy to defer to WHF's expertise on this one, but there's one thing I wasn't sure of...

The MCR 603 offers a 'bi-amp' (as opposed to 'bi-wire') function. I think I've got my head around the difference between bi-amping and bi-wiring, and it does sound as though bi-amping offers a real improvement in sound quality. From looking at some other threads, it seems the 'bi-amp' option on the MCR 603 is a genuine bi-amp (although it does reduce power level, apparently).

So, my question is: would I be better off taking WHF's advice and single-wiring the BX2s, or does the fact that the 603 offers a bi-amp function (rather than simply bi-wire) mean I should go ahead and bi-amp?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Aug 19, 2011
My advice is try it.

I use the feature on my Kefs. You lose a bit of power but I found that it sounded better, don't expect anything radically different but I found it sounded a little softer and took some harshness off.

The reason you lose power is because you are taking a 50w channel and slipping it into 25w *2 . Usually the the high frequencies go to the tweeter and the low frequencies go to the woofer. Here each channel has it's own amp but the channel driving the woofer is throwing away high frequencies and the tweeter throws away low frequencies. As a result you need to use a few extra notches on the volume to get equivalent volume.

One thing you can do in biamp is run the tweeters/woofers with volume offsets, potentially useful.

No harm in trying it, you may or may not notice a difference, it's a less efficient method of driving speakers but potentially has benefits, possibly due to more constant impedances or something along those lines.



i run a completely different combo. yanaha s500 with B&W 685's. WHF said the 685's sound better single wired however after a while i tried biwire (not bi amp) and the difference was outstanding. would diffo recommend it to you


Hi all,

Many thanks for the feedback - it's much appreciated.

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