Bi Amp - help please


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Dec 27, 2011
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I recently bought a second hand Arcam p85 to go with my
Arcam A85 int amp

I have bi amped my speakers, as opposed to bi wiring, but I
am not sure I have done this correctly.

I have followed the manual and attached the Power amp to the
low frequency connector on my Quad 22L speakers, and the Int amp to the High

That bit was easy.

The sound is much better, but still not sure I have speakers
wired up correctly, as when I turn the speakers off one by one at the amp I get
very different sound. I did this as a test to make sure I could hear the high
and low frequencies.

When I switch off the speaker button on the int amp I can
hear a deep bass coming through the speakers, as should be the case as the
Power amp is connected to them.

However when I try the same test with the int amp the high frequency
sound is very quiet indeed. This might be my ignorance, but not sure if this
should be the case.

The only real problem I may have is that my speaker cable
used to be bi wired , so it is all set to be bi wired, however …….

I obviously have 4 wires per speaker…..a blue wire, a white
wire……and then dual red and green wire, and dual brown and grey wire.

I understand that I need to make sure they are attached to
the correct speaker connection, but does it matter which colour wire is
attached to which frequency

What I am really asking I suppose is are the dual wires,
dual for a reason , and should they be attached to one of the particular

My apologies in advance if this is a stupid question.

Any help appreciated.



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Aug 21, 2010
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I think you have it wired up right and I would use the dual wires to feed the bass drivers off your power amp as they require more power and the single wires to feed the tweeters off your integrated amp.

The tweeters will sound less loud because they are only producing frequencies above about 3khz. Like the sound of a cymbal or air escaping a pipe.