Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC


Apr 20, 2020
I am a fan of What Hi-Fi and i trust on reviews here almost always and try to read them before i buy anything related.

I own this headphone for 4 months. I find the sound very detailed and as neutral as possible in the price range, so i can tell that the sound is really satisfying for the money, you spend.

Which is really annoying is its build quality for me. There is always a squeak sound whenever i move my head, so this ruins everything. Besides, i can never connect it to my Macbook air and it was also very problematic to connect it to my LG LED Tv for a long time.

It is really a pity to have these problems, for that good sounding headphone in the price range.


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Mar 30, 2011
I think these headphones sound just the ticket. I quite like the idea of the lights and don't think they lower the tone, rather enhance it, as they provide useful visual information. The big question though is: does the orange light stay on once they're firmly on your head? I tried this with my fridge once and can confirm that the light definitely goes out. Can you tell us if Beyerdynamic is just as clever?