Better sound from £6K set up???


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all this is my first post. I would like peoples opions on sound absorption panels diffusers etc. Is it worth it? I have just spent 6K on a marantz 8002/dv7001, pioneer 428XD and Dali Ikon 6 5.1. The sound is pretty damn good for the cinema set up and good for CD sound. My room is a standard rectangle approx 5.5 long by 3 m wide by 2.8 High. The TV and front speakers are against the 3m wall length. There is a window blinded off (wooden type) at the other 3m end. The 5.5 m walls are cavity walls as it is a new extention. I want to get the best possible sound from my kit but do not know where to go from here? I have read internet articles etc but I am confident about sourcing the right kit and placing it in the right location. Any help would much appreciated.


silver anniversary XT for all 5 speakers.
Bi-wired centre and front speakers. (Pain in the ass as I had to cut off the airlock connections at amp end, so that there was one bare wire and one plug at the terimal. The amp will not take spade and plug in the same terminal.)
hdmi 1.3 silver plus - DVD to TV
QED performance for sub
I just bought what was recommended, I am no cinema expert. Hope this helps.


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