Best surround sound systems 2020


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Apr 22, 2020
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Although I recently sold my YAS-207 and upgraded to a stereo B&W 603 set, I still carry warm feelings for the Yamaha Sound bar. In a previous (smaller room) the soundbar only lacked in music performance, but in a bigger and more open room it gave a solid performance there as well (albeit in Virtual DTS:X mode to boost the sound stage).

I only found one real reason to avoid, namely the crossover between the bar and the sub. During movie dialogues with a continuous background noise (e.g. a stationary car), the system hesitated whether to process the sound on the bar or the sub. This resulted in the background noise fading in and out during the dialogue.

It would also be nice if it'd support 7.1 channels to allow for sound processing on the soundbar itself more often.

Otherwise I'm convinced that this might be the best value for money soundbar on the market.


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