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Best sub-£500 32" TV?


the record spot

Hi folks. I'm looking for a new 32" TV. Requirements are:-

- Must be under £500. Can be an older model discounted (e.g. Richer Sounds),

- Must have 100Mhz frame refresh rate (not interested in 50Mhz),

- 3D definitely NOT required,

- Great picture quality is a must, it'll be used in quite a big room, but facing across the room from my chair, so about 8 feet or so away,

- Internet connectivity would be nice,

- Freeview HD would be nice.

So far, I've looked at Sony's KDL32EX713, LG's 32LV550T, Panasonic's LE32E30B and Samsung's UE32D5520.

Apart from the price, picture quality is absolutely top of the pile, then the 100Mhz frame refresh. The rest, I can get from some of the web enabled Blu-Ray players from Sony or the like.

Does anyone have any of the TVs listed above, or any other alternatives, they could comment on please? Thanks in advance.



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