Best record players 2019: best turntables for every budget


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Jul 28, 2014
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Also came out on spring 2021, the brand new Teac TN5-BB currently Teac’s top model, well built, no plastic (excepted the armrest clip) acryl platter, 3 speed, SAEC arm with Supra wiring and tuning possibilities such as height and removeable headshell (SME standard), auto-stop auto-lift (disengageable) and correct price regarding the build quality. The only minus was the standard pick-up Ortofon Red which is good but one might have hoped for something better. anyway I have mounted the fabulous AT VM740ML on mine and it’s now perfect!


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Mar 23, 2021
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i´m always wondering why they say this turntables are aceptable , there is a easy way to see if any turntable as aceptable sound ,

i call aceptable to the cheapest good sounding turntable i heard in the 60´s ,70´s,80´s, and 90´s, so if you put a record and listen to it and when it´s over you change to cd and the sound seems horrible to the point of not hearing it at all ,rest 30 minuts and after the cd will sound like you´re used to,

that´s how we see if a turntable as a minimum quality sound. i would prefer from all showed the technics SL-1500C but with any catridge except the 2Mred from ortofon ,never ever in my life i had heard such a bad cartridge,

maybe the M75B from sure either than this but any cheap AT will sound great as it came with when released, but nagaoka would be my choice because they use to make very good cartridges to technics ,the MP-300 or 500 to meet the very know 270C cartridge and it´s stylus spherical or elyptical EPS-270ED or SD . I used to take them from the turntables and install a better one,

for a litle money not thousands of €, but today i have maybe 4 of this and 3 ed stylys still new and closed in the box for each cartridge, today there are 30€ substitution stylus but are garbage ,i found one that costs around 70 or 80€ that is aceptable and doesn´t destroy the records ,

this now sound amazing good but if i return to my 20´s were the basic cartridges that one would take and buy better, today after hearing a lot of new models i say the GRADO that costs around 5.000€ is nice.

A new turntable ,as since 2020 i´ve been gathering components for a new system, i bought a modern turntable with aceptable sound the REGA P10.

I have other new or recent the SL-1000G or R or GR, not sure that came with a built for it cartridge made by nagaoka ordered by technics or better, the ones that developed the turntable ,

between other brands i have bought some components from Mark Levinson and some really good and very powerfull JBL speakers with a very nice wood work ,they are tall as me, 1.81 meter
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