Best Quality Viynl - Which Labels??


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Jul 23, 2008
Hi Guys,

Obviously I have bought a fair bit of vinyl over the last few months since owning my Rega Planar 3 and the quality of these have varied from label to label.

I have been looking at a number of re-issues over the last couple of weeks and wanted to know if anybody had experience of the quality of these and if so which are the good labels to look for.

I believe that Music on Vinyl (MoV) and Mobile Fidelity (I think its these if they are the same as MFSL??) are usually very good sound quality and usually heavy weight vinyl. Are there any other labels that produce exceptionally good SQ Re-issues.

I have been looking on the Diverse Vinyl website and there is an overwhelming number of labels.

Cheers guys


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Dec 16, 2003
Hi Jason My Faves are mobile fidelity sound labs, they are the quietest I have come across. In their previous incarnation Simply Vinyl were very good judging by the ones I have but they may have changed. You will know doubt have realised that just because it's 180g vinyl it doesn't mean squat, as Bretty has said before some agonisingly thin vinyl from the 70's and 80's can sound bloody ( am I allowed to say that?) good.


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