Best programs for iPhone.


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Aug 10, 2019
Hey guys

I've just got myself an iPhone 4. To prevent synching problems I figured I would use iTunes which I have avoided like the plague as I found it too complicated.

Here is what I have used up til now.

MediaMonkey(MM) for CD ripping to and organising my Buffalo Linkstation NAS, and also for getting the artwork. I have, to this point, ripped in MP3 at 320kbs. In hindsight a lossless format would have been better but then the XBox wouldn't play them. My music is stored on the NAS in a folder "Music" (funnily enough) and backed up on my laptop using Goodsync. The missus also accesses this music using iTunes on her laptop for her iPhone.

I use my XBox 360 to listen to music over the AV system. The screen looks cool for parties etc.

iPod Nano synced using MM, which had various problems over time.

If I've downloaded a track from the interweb (Play, Amazon etc) I move it into the "Music" folder and click Add/rescan on MM where I can change the genre etc. to suit my collection.

As I said, I've avoided iTunes til now because I found MM to be much simpler. My mate says I'm being a bit thick but I just can't get my head around how to use it properly. For example, I'm a bit anal about not necessarily having the artwork from the compilation album that the track came on but the proper artwork for the track. This is easy on MM, but not on iTunes. MM changes the actual file, and the change will show on each computer that looks at that file, but in iTunes the artwork appears to be kept somewhere else and gets lost. Also iTunes doesn't have the Add/rescan function that MM has, you have to manually add each file to the library and you can end up with music spread all over the place, and duplicates. Argghhh!!

Now I have the iPhone I think it would be much simpler to use just iTunes but is it as complicated as I seem to think it is? Help required, either iTunes help or psychiatric, not sure which.

Ta Paul


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Sep 29, 2008

If you're near an Apple store, make an appointment and go through your questions with one of the very helpful genius folk there. I think that they also still run the 'one-to-one' free training and the iPhone was included - again book it at your nearest Apple store. Also most Apple products have a 90 day telephone helpline included too so you could try that if you're not near an Apple Store.