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Best of the current callibration kit?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
A couple of years ago I had a very useful thread running here discussing callibrating my (then new) LG 50PS8000. I ended up with a Spyder Pro and some callibration software I downloaded because the Spyder software was very basic. And I have to admit I never reached that greyscale nirvana!

Two years on I'm wondering what is out there now? Are there any affordable but reliable sensors with comprehensive software?

strapped for cash

New member
Aug 17, 2009
I honestly don't think anything has changed in terms of affordable colorimeters and software, but televisions seem to get ever closer the greyscale nirvana you describe, especially those that offer primary and secondary colour adjustment in professional or ISF picture modes.

If you're still desperately seeking that perfect, D6500 flatline a new television might be the only (expensive) option.

Sorry, that's probably not what you were hoping to hear...


New member
Jun 28, 2007
I'm guessing that your using the colorHCFR software and AFAIK this is still the best free software that you can get, you could try a differant sensor like the eyeone which may give a slightly better reading in the low IRE range over your spider but to get a really acurate sensor and software combo you need to cough up some dough and go down say the calMAN route but even this may give marginal improvements on your current TV as all TV's have their limit.

If you have used the 2 point calibration try a full 10 point calibration which can give better results. I can get my 4 year old Samsung with delta errors of under 3 from 20IRE upwards using a 10 point calibration but when I've calibrated some more recent TV's for friends I've definatly found newer models to be more user friendly with regards to calibration (especially LG) in allowing you full access to not only grey scale but primary and secondary colours enableing for far better resulrts over older TVs.



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