Best headphones for a quiet office?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

On the recommendation of this very magazine and scouting around on board such as this, I just recently bought a pair of Grado SR60s as a replacement for the in-ear buds of my new iPod Nano. Whilst I am very impressed with the SR60s, unfortunately they are relatively useless for what I need them for.

I tend to listen to music virtually all-day in my office whereas others around me don't. Therefore my gripe with the SR60s is that they leak much more sound than I thought they would, meaning that my colleagues unfortunately have to suffer the annoyance of hearing what I'm listening to almost as loud as I am (yes the Grados are that bad). Whilst no one has complained I feel very self conscious about listening at higher volumes and as I'm sure you're aware sometimes a song just warrants being played that little bit louder.

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone could recommend which headphones will suit my needs best? I need a pair that are comfortable for wearing over long periods of time, sound as good as possible and won't annoy my colleagues.

I'm not too keen on in-ear buds as I find that they hurt my ears even after a relatively short time and feel a bit stupid wearing the huge Behringer 'phones I bought for using with my Synthesizer. Ideally I'd like a pair that sits somewhere in the middle - kind of like the Grados really.

I've been recommended the Sennheiser PX200s and the Audio Technica ATH ES7, which either could be an option, but I would like a few more opinions of people who have 'been there, done that' so to speak. Obviously I'd appreciate any help you can give as I don't really want to waste another £70 trying to find the right ones!

Thanks in advance,


Oh and I know of a guy selling some cheap Grado SR60s if anyone wants them? ;-)


I've had a pair of PX200s for a year or so now, for exactly the same reasons as you. I'm no headphone expert at all - but the PX200's are the best I've had - comfy and nice warm soft sound. And they fold up nice and small to fit in a jacket pocket etc easily, so I'd def recommend them. And for just over £30 they're quite cheap too.

The only gripe is the two plastic sleeves that lock the arms in the open (not folded) position fell off and got lost pretty quickly - doesn't really matter though.




Having a pair of PX200s and PX250s, any one of these would suit your needs.




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