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Best Google Assistant speakers 2020: best Google smart speakers


Feb 11, 2021
How can you rank the Sonos one as the top speaker for Google assistant when it barely works? I bought this speaker based upon your 2020 review of the same and it is a disaster. With tidal, you cannot even use the tidal app. You must use the sonos app to play on tidal and it does not recognize tidal as an option for voice control...so requesting the speaker to play a song is a complete no go. I wish I would not have bought it. I already had the sub, the playbar at two ones in my room upstairs so I thought great! Just add another sonos. This thing sounds good but the interface sucks. I cannot believe you ranked it first. Just go look at the reviews on sonos. They are awful. One star. Almost all of them. You really need to spend more time with these devices before you recommend them so highly.



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