Best Freeview PVR for a technophobe??


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Oct 26, 2007
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Due to the impending analogue shutdown, I need to find a Freeview PVR for an elderly relative who's a card-carrying technophobe.

In this instance, "technophobe" refers to someone who struggles to comprehend/navigate a DVD's extras, options or chapters menus.

So, I'm looking for the most user-friendly, intuitive and no-frills PVR, which costs less than £150.

I organised a home demo of a Humax, but the 'screening'/explanation was met with wide-eyed bewilderment.

Anyone have any suggestions, please? (Picture quality really is secondary to ease of use.)

Ta :)


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Dec 28, 2007
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To be honest, if the Humax was too difficult, I don't think a PVR is a good option, as I'm not sure you can make the basic PVR interface any easier (or was it the addition of the portal options?). How about the standard Humax HD-FOX T2 - it's exactly the same except no PVR i.e. should be literally the same as their current TV - switch on, press Guide, choose channel, press OK. Okay, they won't be able to record things, but it sounds like that's probably for the best!

If the PVR part was okay, then the Digital Stream should fit the bill - it's not really got any bells and whistles (none that they need to worry about anyway) and almost fits in your budget (my thoughts on owning one are here). I've also read the TVonics DTR-HD500 is a reliable and easy to use box but I've no personal experience with it I'm afraid.


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Jul 24, 2007
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Did you find a solution to your problem, in which case we'd like to hear about it, or are you still looking?

The reason for asking is that I faced a similar problem with the Outlaws last Christmas. We bought them a reconditioned Humax which they just couldn't drive. In the end, I wrote my own user guide for them. It simply contains a couple of sets of "how-to" instructions for the basic tasks of watching, recording and play-back. They are now happy bunnies. I'd be happy to share this if you think it might help.


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