Best budget/mid price system for badly recorded rock


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Aug 10, 2019
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I listen to a lot of badly recorded rock/punk from the 70's and 80's (think the misfits) and am wondering what brands and combinations thereof would be most suitable for this kind of thing. I can't empahasize enough just how wretched the sound quality of a lot of the albums really is - not that it should matter to the music. Obviosly I'd like to avoid a particularly 'hi-fi' sound, but on the other hand don't want something dull, woolly and boring either. I'm not really into listening to recordings, so is it actually worth spending a considerable amount of money if your taste in music is a little.... unsophisticated? Perhaps a low cost receiver with a budget cdp and speakers would do just as well, but I'm not sure.

(I don't mean to offend but it seems that a majority of hi-fi enthusiasts are people in their 40's or older who tend to like mostely well recorded jazz or classical, vocal, opera etc)


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Sep 9, 2007
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hello captain,i'm in my 40's and still listen to the sex pistols the stranglers 23 skidoo and a host of other punk alt music and jazz, rock,classical not to mention silly pop song's and your right it's the music that matters but a well balanced system will bring out more of the music that matters.not knowing your budget i would check out the usual suspects,richer sounds and superfi you can pick up something for around £300.00 that should do the trick.brands to look at are cambridge,pioneer,rotel,mission,acoustic energy,mordaunt short.good luck,gregory.


the budget is about 900 pounds ($3000 NZD), more if I thought it would be worth it. So NAD, Rotel, Marantz? Combinations? For eg would the new marantz CD6002 go well with the Rotel RA-04?