best amp to match B&W 683s for stereo set up


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Aug 10, 2019
A year ago I bought a pair of B&W 683's as the first step in the process of upgrading my stereo system to something slightly classier. I'm now considering replacing the amp. Am a complete beginner as far as knowledge of hifi goes, but after trawling the internet for a bit I gather that these big speakers need an amp that will provide enough oomph for them... My other consideration is budget, at the moment I'm looking to spend around £700-£800 on the new amp (edit: though if the general view is that these speakers deserve a better amp then I may wait a bit longer and save up for a nicer one.)

The current set up:

Amp: Sony TA-FE370

CD player: Sony CDP-XE270.

(and bog standard cables, thinking about possibly getting some better ones soon as well.)



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Mar 6, 2010
Hey dude, you also wanna change that cd-player at some point, as I think it would drag your system down when you get a proper amplifier for those speakers

If you want an amp that never makes you think ("Do I have enough power for these speakers") I recommend this amp. It's "only" a power amp, so you would have to connect it to your Sony amp, but you could of course get this pre-amplifier from the same company to go with it. If you go for the pre+power amp it will cost you around £711 and for £237 you could get this cd-player.

Yeah, sorry if I am biased (as you can see in my signature, I have all of thise components that I just recommended) but I think they punch way above their price/is very good value for the money/great bang for the buck, and I have yet to hear something that sounded better (to me) even though I have visited a couple of Hi-Fi stores

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
The only drawback there chockobolt is that the OP's Sony amp doesn't have pre-outs to be able to add a power amplifier.

I'd have a look at the Audiolab 8200A, which is a stonking amplifier for the money, and there are a number of matching power amplifiers that can be added later if necessary. It's pretty versatile too in that it can be used as an integrated, as a pre-amp, as a power amp, and as a pre-amp and a power amp independently. There's also the highly rated 8200CD to match up to it later if you want to keep your system to be all one make.

Even though the CDPXE270 wasn't a particularly expensive CD player, it was actually quite good. It'll sound fine with something like the 8200A - I've used one before with the original 8000C and 8000P pre power amplifiers and it didn't disgrace itself.

Worry about your cables later - get your system sorted first



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