Best amp for my first set up?


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Aug 10, 2019
I am new to the fantastic world of Hi-fi. I have always loved music, but never had the funds to build up a system. Things still haven’t changed, but I have recently inherited speakers so I am trying to use this as momentum to start building. The speakers are 2 bose 100 J (compatible with receivers/amps 10-100 w per channel; rated from 4-8 ohms. Max continuous power-50 Watts) and 2 bose Model 141 speakers (compatible with receivers or amps rated 10-80W per channel rated from 4-8 Ohms Max cont power-40 Watts) Now before everyone starts raging over Bose, I did not buy these, I got them for free. I plan to replace them one day, but I would like to build up a good sounding stereo system that will be worthy of upgraded speakers. From what I have read, I need an amplifier, and CD player or some source to start listening to music.

My questions:
[*]Are there amplifiers that I can hook up a cd player or a laptop/ipod to?[*]What amplifiers are recommended for under $400?[*]I have read about the Antique Sound Labs AV-20 tube amp. Is it powerful enough to run these speakers?

I would appreciate any comments or words of advice. I am excited to start moving forward with my plans whenever I can get them solidified.




Don't know about the tube amp... you should be able to find specs on internet though.

Marantz PM6004 might be in your prices, and it won't overmatch your Bose... in terms of power.

Yamaha AS-500 could be a nice buy too... Careful with the volume though, it's a little more powerful... the price is quite good these days...

Both Amplifiers offer two zones (Speakers A/B) that you can activate simultaneously, so you'll be able to wire all four of your speakers quite easily. On the other hand, Marantz offer their I-Pod connexion with their CD player. Great idea, but you might have a problem there, the amp ain't got any... Yamaha offers an I-Pod Dock connexion, but I think it's dedicated only for Yamaha dock. I'm not sure about the quality of said dock neither...

Check out the reviews for amplifiers within the £101-£250 bracket, and the lowest end of the 251-500. Take care with that last one though : £300 (more or less 500$ US) exceeds your budget, unless you get a good deal. Then query your best picks in this forum, and see what people have to say about it... and what they matched with it.


I forgot the most important thing... you could go far lower than 400$ (how about 250-300, or lower...) and still pick up a decent match... I've none in mind, but just look around a little and you'll find. If needed, check out the Up to £100 in the reviews here, and bla bla bla...


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