Best AKG headphones 2020: AKG headphones for every budget


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No K712 Pro?? One of the better headphones under $500.

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I can confirm mine are great and reliable - £70 a steal. See sig for headphones.


Apr 28, 2020
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Here is my problem with the AKG N60 headphones and I can't seem to figure it out and neither can AKG support. The problem is, I have to reset the headphones (holding down the +/- volume buttons at the same time) every time I want to connect to a device. If I'm connected to my laptop and turn BT off, when I try to connect to my android phone or Samsumg TV, or Ipad etc., I need to reset the headphones again in order to get it to pair and/or connect. When I try to connect to the last device, it's not found bc I had to reset the headphones for the previous devise.


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Jan 31, 2023
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I'm so surprised to see this article... because I thought AKG is not in business any more. At least not in headphones business. Can anyone explain why #1 model Y400 is so difficult to find in stores? Even on AKG's own site it's "not available". But Y500 and Y50 are still available everywhere. Similar situation with N700NCM2 vs the older N700NC. It looks like they have closed production soon after the new models were introduced, so they didn't even produce enough of them... Or were these models so bad that they cancelled them? Doesn't explain #1 position here. And why was this article even created (or updated, whatever), if the brand is no longer there? Samsung still puts AKG logo on their tablets and has few in-ear models branded AKG sold in their stores, and there is parallel AKG site, which doesn't mention those models nor Samsung and it looks like it was not updated for a while. Does anyone know what happens to them?


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