Best 1080 Upscaler?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am soon to become the pround owner of a Philips 37PFL9632D come bonus time after Christmas. I want to have an upscaling dvd palyer ready and waiting to hook up the day it arrives and so now while I am counting down the days I have been casting my eye around for a budget player (£100max).

I remember from a couple of issues back (or in a an AV special issue) that the Samsung DVD HD870 got 5* in a test and was crowned winner of the group but I think that only upscales to 768p? Would I be correct in assuming that it's bigger brother, the DVD1080P will be just as competent or is there a better player I can get for my money?


Dont even bother thinking about 1080p upscaling for £100, get the marantz dv3002 (about £120 frm svenoaks) and set it to 720p or the dv4002 for a little bit more (and leave that set to 720p)


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Sep 6, 2007
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I've just bought the Sony HD870 dvd player from Amazon at £49.99 delivered! It upscales to 1080p and the picture is excellent. However, I got this for my dining room as a second system and to go with my new 20 inch bravia. For your new screen and on your budget you cannot go wrong with the Denon DVD1740. If you shop around you will get it for under £100 (just) and it's superb - my brother in law has it - I've got the 1940 which is better but double the price.


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