Best £1500 projector for 2D


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm after a new projector to replace my Sanyo PLVZ2 which I still think is a cracking piece of kit. 1080p is a must (of course!), I'm keen to stick with LCD but open to suggestions. I really have no interest in 3D, but would consider a 3D projector if the 2D performance was up to scratch. Vertical and horizontal lens shift is essential.

I see the Epson EH-TW3600 is very highly rated.... and the new TW6000 looks promising.

So everyone.... any suggestions?


Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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With the introduction of Epsons new PJ's, you could look at the outgoing 4400, which is better than the 3600 (as good as it is). Whether you think this is better than the new 6000 or not would be up to you - what was a £2.5k 2D PJ against a £1.3k 3D one? See if you can get a demo and decide.

Other options are to look for other discontinued models in the wake of new 3D models - Mitsubishi's HC7000 can be had within your budget too, which in my mind is still one of the finest looking 2D LCD projectors out there, and it's still the quietest in the industry (-17dB in eco mode). That's one reason why I'm still using mine, along with the fact that it's still one of the sharpest looking PJ's this side of the new Sony VW95 (which is tempting me!).