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Beginners advice needed


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Aug 10, 2019
I,ve just changed my hi fi. My denon hi fi and KEF speakers which I've had for over 13 years have now gone. In there place are marantz's SA/PM7003 amp and CD and a pair of B&W 685's. What i'd like to know is because i've got 1 speaker near the hi fi and the other about 5m away how critical is it that i have the speaker cables the same length. Also should i biwire them and if so a suitable speaker cable in the £5-£10 region.

Thanks for the help


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Nov 6, 2008
Aha what a can of worms that statement is on speaker length. Some say it matters not a jot (me for one) others say its hugely important. Guess it's all down to if you can hear the difference, which i doubt. More important is the positioning of the speakers, as long as you are the top point of a listening triangle you can't go far wrong.ÿ

Everyone hear seems sold on the Chord Carnival silver. I personally use what is listed in my signature below and it sounds great.

Remember that cable is much the lesser of any changes you can make on your hifi, the source components are the most important ones.ÿ


Two cans of worms, actually. Some people think biwiring makes all the difference, while others like me thing at best it makes no difference, and at worst it can destroy the balance of your speaker.


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Dec 28, 2007
As Terry says, some think it's important, others don't. Since it was recommended to me by a few trusted sources, I've always gone for the same length. It's also been of use in a practical sense as, if you want to change the layout of your setup later on, you will have less options if one cable is very short. Of course you can always buy more if this happens, depends on how much the cable is, the likelihood of this happening etc. as to whether it's worth thinking about.


Hello, I have my system setup in a similar way with one speaker by the hifi and the other around 3 meters away. I have the speaker wire for the far plastered in the wall and is around 3 times as long as the other which is not plastered in the wall and I cannot hear any difference. So I personally think you should be ok.



I have been thinking about this. As resistance is dependent on length, the longer cable would have more resistance. As resistance is increased, surely less power travels down the longer cable. This would give a slightly different volume/control on one speaker

Even so, as i have not tested this, the difference could be negligable and not worth worrying about. ÿ

The consensus is length of cable doesn't matter.ÿ



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