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Bedside HiFI - My Personal Wish List

Hoof Hearted

New member
Aug 18, 2007
Although in perfect working condition my Sony Digimatic Alarm clock/Radio has seen better days. It must be close to 20 of years old now, if it's a day. It is also designed in such a way that the front face is angle upwards. This makes it difficult for me to see the display comfortably with my head on my pillow. Deliberately designed this way? Who knows. I doubt even "Sony" themselves can remember after all this time.

The tuner is AM/FM by the way and, yes, even after all this time the 'volume control' on m Sony still works. Unlike another similar devices from Morphy Richards where the volume control has stopped working after only about 5 years use when the said control was barely used (if at all).

So I thought it is now about time to look for a new version. Upgrade?

This is what my ideal replacement device will feature (as well as a Digital Clock display of course):-

1 DAB radio

2 FM/AM - for whilst it is still available

3 A Dock - for my iPod Colour

4 Play CD/SACD discs.

5 WiFi - to connect to my Apple Airport Extreme Base Station


7 Reasonable Price (i.e. not hideously expensive - although I do realise that this depends on what one's definition of 'hideously expensive' is) and of course -

8 Wonderful sound (although I will most likely mostly want to use headphones as I'm a married man of 26 years vintage - if you get my gist).

Another thing would find useful may be a Firewire 800 or even a USB 2 (or five) in case I need to plug it in to my iMac direct for some reason I can't predict right now.

Anyone have any opinion/information as to what, if anything, is available as of June 2009 onwards, please?

Regards Hoofy


New member
Jul 21, 2009
Hi Hoofy,

I'd say the Pure range is worth a look: the Avanti has internet radio and an iPod dock (but no CD player)... however, it will also link to your PC/NAS drive to access any CDs you have ripped. Seems the best compromise for what you're after. Cheers, James