BBC iPlayer problems

Trefor Patten

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Mar 31, 2008
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Is anyone else having problems with BBC iPlayer? Overnight I have lost all my downloaded programmes. I have had to install again, create a new password (but that was because I had forgotten my old one). The iPlayer help site suggests they know of some problems and suggest using Windows media player in the meantime (no use to me). Attempting new downloads now and it seems nothing is happening :?


Hi Trefor, We're having the same problem on two separate Macs running Safari. Have been through deleting and reinstalling iplayer and Adobe Air, cleared my cache. Any attempt to contact the BBC disappears into a black hole. At least their bland acknowledgement now carries a date. As of 13th June 2012 they say "We believe this issue has been resolved for the vast majority of users, but as we are still receiving some reports of problems with BBC iPlayer Desktop we are still investigating as a matter of priority."

See - where they promise to update us when there is more to tell. Exactly the same answer is given for "Why am I not able to download programmes onto iplayer?"

Seems all we can do is keep going through the dishearteningly convoluted comments system and hope the number of contacts hits somebody's target to cause a response.


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Mar 3, 2010
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If you own a Mac, there are alternative methods if getting iPlayer files, and your files won't mysteriously disappear then because they'll be in your Movies folder.

All I can says is Google Get iPlayer Mac.

Though they're probably not exactly bbc-approved methods to say the least, it's surely just a modern equivalent of the old days when people video'd stuff onto their tapes.