Bass lacks precision


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Aug 10, 2019
What does the review mean on the Dali lektor 6 on this web site mean when......
Bass lacks precision

I can pick up a pair of Dali Lektor 6 for 549.00 dollars. This was the only negative part of the review. Thanks


Off beat, or not defined enough. But the review suggests the latter ("good timing"), and the formulation suggests that they're just not quite enough defined, and if you read more carefully you might find indications as to why...

"Underpinning the lower-end, the bass is full, although it lacks precision."

"The richness of the sound is compelling and smooth. It's only the vagueness of the bass that draws the line between good and great, and it's a pretty thin line at that."

A review is not a science; reviews here are well informed, cool to read, but when it comes down to chosing your gears, then what you need is your own ears. What I mean is just that, according to that "pretty thin line", you may not even hear that vagueness when you'll listen to them... unless you're only thinking about it. And on the other hand, it is possible too that you find their "mid range to die for" quite unnerving (for exemple)... In that sense, a review can do wrong, if it prejudices you...


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Nov 26, 2008
One thing i hve learnt always listen b4 u buy. Never make the mistake of buying stuff without listening to it. If possible in your own system at home. Only use reviews as a guide to buying. The bass precision all depends what ur matching the speakers with.


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