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Basic starter system - NAD vs Cambridge?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Hi there,

Wondering if anyone could help me: I am looking to acquire a basic system of CD, Amp and speakers (bookshelf) to fit a room 18 x 12. I have pretty much decided on the Mordaunt Short Avant 902i on the basis of aesthetics, with some Soundstyle Z2 stands, but I am now down to the Amp and CD choice. With a relatively limited budget, I am veering between the Cambridge A340 Azur and the Nad C315 BEE Amps, with either the Cambridge C340 Azur, NAD C515BEE or even Marantz CD5003 players. I will also be playing my LCD TV (LG 32LB75) through the systsm - in fact probably more than music, which will be generally pop or acoustic guitar. Can anyone tell me if there are any mis-matches or standout choices here? Thanks, Nick

John Duncan

Well-known member
Jan 8, 2008
I'd be more inclined to go with one of the system deals available at Superfi or Richer Sounds - the NAD amp and CD pairing are available with what amounts to a free pair of Tannoy Mercury F1 speakers at Superfi for 340 quid, while you can get your favoured Mordaunt Shorts free with the Cambridge 540 pair for 500. Ask nicely and they may do others.

For what worth, I'd probably have the NADs....

plastic penguin

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Apr 28, 2008
I agree with JD - also check out Sevenoaks Sound & vision. They are currently doing deals with the Marantz pairing + Monitor Audio BR1's @ £549.00. I'm sure could haggle a bit of a discount

Alternatively, check out Audio-t. They usually have good ex-dem stuff at bargain prices.


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Sep 6, 2007
NAD all the way for me as well.

Not just because i own NAD but the above pairing will gell better with your choice in speakers and your music tastes more so than the C/A stuff which, IMO, can be clinical sounding and a bit forward at times.

Have you demo'd either systems yet with the speakers or are you looking to buy blind so to speak?

If you can demo, demo and demo again until youre happy. You may find that you dont like either systems!



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