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Aug 10, 2019
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After seeking some advice on this forum, I very recently bought a Denon S301 together with a Samsung LE40M87 TV. Playing dvds it looks and sounds fantastic. I'm having a few set up problems though and wondered if anyone could help me out. I'm sorry for the very basic nature of these questions but I have spent frustrating hours trying to figure them out myself without success.

I have used HDMI to connect the Denon and the TV. As I say, for DVDs it works great. However, I can't get any sound to play through the Denon when watching TV (the built in Freeview). I bought a version 1.3 HDMI. I read in the Denon manual that it supports version 1.1 (hadn't realised this when I bought it). Is HDMI backwards compatible or is that the cause of my problem? Or do I need an additional audio cable to connect the TV to the Denon for watching TV (and if so what would be best)?

When I'm watching DVDs, I can adjust the HDMI setting. As the screen is 1080, I expected that to be the best setting but when I set it at that, the picture is juddering. I do get a better picture at a lower setting (and it looks great) but I don't understand why 1080 doesn't work best. Can anyone explain?

I also have a DVD/HD recorder attached to both the TV and the Denon - a SCART lead to the TV and ordinary audio leads to the Denon. Would anyone be able to recommend a higher quality set up?

One other stupid question. The HDMI settings on the Denon offer two options - Y Cb Cr or RGB. What are these and which should I use?

Many thanks for any additional advice anyone can offer and again apologies for the questions being so basic.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Confused about the judder. Could it be that the Denon is outputting 1080p 50Hz and the TV is only accepting 60Hz, hence the judder? I suggest you stick to the picture setting that gives the best judder-free picture. You could try switching from YPbPr - component video - to RGB to see if that makes a difference, but i think this is just a problem between the Denon's scaler and the Samsung's, and that using the Auto settings on the Denon is creating a problem as the Samsung isn't sending back the correct information. Which setting works for you?

Yes you do need another cable to the Denon to get TV sound out. You can use an optical digital cable or a conventional two-cable analogue hook-up - the results will be the same.


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