Bang & Olufsen or other for £4,000


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Aug 10, 2019

i have £4,000 to spend on new system. i have room L shaped room with the main area about 4m x 4m with offshoot about 4m x 2m.

I want something to play all music from classical through rock to punk, quality looking system that sounds good at low volumes (the room is my home office so want to work in there with good quality music) as well as louder for a blast of a favorite track.

CD a must and radio plus inputs to connect PC/ipod or digital radio would be nice.

I like the look of B&O 3200 plus Beolab 6000. Is this good choice or is there better out there?

Also like the idea of a value amp, but would it be able to play heavier music?

Advice much appreciated.


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
You couldn't get much more different than a Bang & Olusfen system and a valve amplifier, and I think the former is the way to go.

As alternatives, consider the Linn Classik Music system, Primare's CD110 or the Arcam Solo, together with speakers such as the KEF iQ5SE, or Monitor Audio's RS6 or RS8 speakers


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Jul 24, 2007
Linn Classik is the way to go. You can buy it for £670 then purchase some decent speakers (I reccommend B&W speakers as the synergy is there) and also some decent speaker wire.. You will have over 2 grand change to spend on new cds and a system stand. I rate the Linn Classik very very highly. My main music is rock, and metal and i find the Classik is perfect for these. Bang and Olusfen are way way overated just liike Bose. Juts because you will be spending less on the Classik does not mean it is inferior (infact it is way way better). I demoed the Classik against the Arcam Solo and it wiped the floor with it.

This is coming from someone who sold seperates to buy the Linn Classik.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Only problem with the Classik is it isn't the most up-to-date in terms of spec - no DAB radio, no iPod connectivity, both of which you mention you're after, along with a 'bigger' sound. I'd hear the Arcam Solo, which has both DAB, iPod links and more grunt that the Classik.

I'd also hear the Classik and the Audio Analogue Enigma, if you can - less features, but you may prefer the slightly different sound they both offer.

But you also don't have to move away from B&O if YOU are happy with the sound. Just be aware you'll be paying a hefty style premium along the way.


I recently demoed some B&O equipment in store (which I have to say was a very pleasurable and relaxing experience) before deciding to buy an Arcam Solo.

the Beolab 6000 speakers are good - but they really do need a subwoofer to make them work properly. I would argue they are no better than the Audica CS-T1 speakers which can be had for 500 quid per pair. Of course you are actually paying more because they are active speakers with the amps built into them.

As a comparison in price and style you should demo the Definitive Technology Mythos 1 speakers.

The 3200 unit is a great piece of kit which has the benefit of a hard drive built in which will rip your CDs.

Personallly I ended up spending half of the 4 grand budget, and my system definitely has the wow factor in terms of sound. Arcam Solo & tannoy arena 2.1 setup.


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Jun 25, 2007
Dear peacha,

Even if your home office cannot accommodate a 'bigger' separates system it would still be a shame to spend so much money on a all-in -one system. Many people on this forum would tell you that from an audiophile poit of view the B&O system is not your best choice.

My suggestion would be to have a look at an all-Sugden system, the Bijous series. These units are almost as small as those in a micro yet their quality is truly audiophile high-end. A system made up of the CDMaster, HeadMaster, AmpMaster and FMMaster is tiny and gorgeous to behold (have a look at these units These units partnered with ProAc's speakers Response 1SC ( would give you a stunning system for around 4200 pounds - tiny yet with a true audiophile spirit - and small enough to fit even in the smallest of rooms...In fact this very system got a fantastic review a couple of years back from this very magazine. It will be hard to find eslewhere this combination of jewel-like built, small size and fabulous and balanced sound...

If space is not a problem however I would also recommend an all Quad system, the Performance series, made up of the Quad 99 CDP-2 ( a CD player with preamp and digital inputs for your PC or digital radio) + 99 Preamp + 909 Power amplifier + 99 FMTuner + a pair of Quad's 12L2s speakers - a fantastic system for around 3700 pounds if I'm not mistaken (see

In any case 4000 pounds could buy you a fantastic system! - - you are truly very lucky! :) Forget the all-in-ones and go for a stylish separates system!

Good luck!



Hi Andrew,

I've recently bought a Denon 4308ci and was planning to match it with a B&W XT series 5.1 system. However, because the appearance doesn't satisfy my wife's sense of style, the XTs are now vetoed. And to greater dismay, she said she'll only approve of B&O speakers. I'm not a seasoned enthusiasts so pardon my amateur questions, but if you could help me shine some light on the following:

1. Are B&O speakers compatible with third party receivers, heard rumors that they might be difficult to integrate, requiring different cables and separate power sources, etc.

2. The B&O reps always try to sell "lifestyle" thus would want me to go all out with B&O, saying that performance with third party equipment will heavily discounted.




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