Backlight issues LG 42LW650t


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Feb 19, 2010
I am new to the LED TV world having previously owned an Panasonic plasma. I bought an LG 42LW650t at the weekend and I have noticed some issues with the backlighting - I just wondered if these were typical for this TV/LED technology in general or if I may have a faulty set?

1. Bottom left corner brighter than the others on a dark screen.

2. The right hand side of the TV generally looks a bit lighter than the left (excluding the corner).

3. When something comes onto the middle of a dark screen, the screen at either side of the object (all the way across) becomes lighter. An example is when a movie credits come up, the screen to the sides of the text becomes lighter. If I turn the local dimming function off altogether the effect disappears (or is greatly lessened) but the bottom left corner backlightind issue seems to be worse.

Any input or experience you guys have of this and whether it is a just an unpleasant side effect of an edge lit LED screen would be greatly appreciated.



Unfortunately, uneven backlighting is pretty much par for the course for the vast majority of LCD tv's. Using LED edge-lighting as a backlight does tend to make the problem worse. If it causes you concern, I would ask your retailer for an exchange, however there's a good chance any replacement would have its own backlight issues.


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