B&W Zeppelin Air or YSP 2200?


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Aug 10, 2019
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This may seem like an odd comparison but . . . as posted a couple of months back due to house move, reconfig of lounge etc. I didn't have space for speakers on stands so I sold my Solo Mini and 685s and am now looking for something to replace them. I was initially just going to buy a Zeppelin Air and either use my iPod or stream from my Mac. The other thought that occurs to me though is that as the TV etc. is the natural focal point of the room - and there's not space for the Zeppelin to sit there as well - whether I should put the money towards upgrading my current YSP 600 to a 2200?

There's pros and cons of course - the sound is going to be much better with the Zeppelin than the 2200 - but enough that you'd notice under normal circumstances? I have a £40 Apple voucher which could go towards the Zeppelin! On the other side the 2200 gives me the flexibility to play CDs through my BD player, use an iPod (with the optional attachment), save on space and of course add to the movie experience. It is more expensive though.

Any thoughts - convenience and flexibility of the YSP 2200 or outright performance of the Zeppelin Air?


Hi Andy

Yes I could and that was my initial thought, but having read the review of the 2200 I was wondering if all round it might be better value to upgrade to the much better soundbar which might do a good enough job with music? I have the Apple TV so can still stream music from the Mac.