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Nov 14, 2009
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I just wanted to compliment Bowers & Wilkens on their customer service.

I own a B & W Zeppelin Mini. When I bought the Mini, the iPhone 4 did not exist. I have upgraded to the iPhone 4S (which you may have guessed) to which the Mini did not have a cradle.

I contacted my local Hi-Fi retailer to see if they had an iPhone 4 cradle, when they contacted B & W on my behalf. B & W offered to provide the cradle free of charge mailed to my home address.

I know it may not seem like a lot, but when they could charge a fiver for something that people probably wouldn't think twice about when they've paid a few hundred quid for it, they give it away for free. Hell, if this happened to a thousand people, this is £5k they are missing out on.

Anyway, enough rambling, kudos to B&W!

That's great to read. More companies could follow their example. Many British hi-fi companies do themselves proud like this.

[Off topic, but a Bosch engineer repaired our washing machine today under warranty, and fixed a broken handle on an out of warranty tumble drier too, at no charge. After waiting 4 days for the repair, Mrs NP was delighted.]


Always nice to read about good service. And never mind a fiver, it could have easily been £30


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