Hello dan , how do you find them for positioning ? Also read in various reviews that the foam bungs need to be used to keep the bass under controll. My questions are for 2 channel music use. regards


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Oct 8, 2010
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Mine are in a corner and about 25-30cm away from wall. I've found that using just the outer core of the bung is fine (after experimenting with no bung or the full bung). I can't move the speakers further away from wall, and banned from rearranging the room as I'd like to :)

Pic is here: http://www.whathifi.com/forum/your-system/bw-cm8

I've found the CM8s great with both a stereo Cyrus system, and also as part of a CM-based surround system via the pioneer LX53.

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I use (and love) these too.

I have mine about 25cm from the back wall with the right speaker 80cm from the side wall. The left speaker is about 2 meters from the other.

In my room, which is about 14 X 15 foot and the bungs are not in.

I've read the review you're referring too, but some find the cm8's too bass light (not I) so it really comes down to the individual room and personal taste.

Speakers really do.need to be tried at home if you get a chance :)


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