B&W CM8 biwire or not? QED Revelation? Jumpers?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all

I have a couple of questions.

My current setup consists of a Marantz PM7001 stereo amp, Audioquest Indigo+ cables biwiring to B&W CM8.

The cables are from 1999.

Its not that im not satisfied with my current speaker cables, they are just very rigid and not very handy. (They are comprised of 8 solid core wires, 4 thin, 4 thick).

So i was thinking about buying some new cables, with banana plugs for convenience.

The ones i have in mind currently are the QED Revelation with QED Airloc plugs 2-2, so no biwire.

So my questions:

1) Do people in general biwire their B&W speakers, particularly the CM range? (Also since B&W mentions themselves in the manual that you could gain some benefit from this).

2) QED Revelation singlewired vs my current Audioquest Indigo+, quality improvement or not?

3) In case i dont biwire, how good quality are the "brass/gold plated" brackets/straps that come with the speakers, and would i benefit from replacing them with cable jumpers, even if unterminated?

Something like: http://www.hificables.co.uk/12109/Qed-XT300-X-Tube-Jumper-Cable.html

I could also just cut some from my existing cables, but i think it will be too rigid for jumpers.

I havent tried to see if i can see a difference if i singlewire the Audiioquest cables yet, but will try it.

Im well aware that i may not see any difference at all, its more about convenience and going by the "better safe than sorry" by buying some good quality cables.

Other suggestions are welcome ofc.

I live in Denmark but was thinking of buying the cables in a UK store, for the QED ones i can save around 30% of the danish price.

Have found these 2 stores which seems good:




If you're only using an integrated amp then single wire and use some speaker cable jumper cables (i.e. QED ones off eBay or the likes of Chord Signature speaker cable jumper cables)

The QED Revelation is a fantastic cable and one that'd I'd highly recommend; however the Chord Odyssey 2 is also a very good cable so maybe think about that one as well
Definitely worth bypassing the supplied jumpers.

I can recommend Hi Fi Cables for their prompt and efficient service - I have used them twice and will do so again.

Sorry I cannot comment on the sound quality of the QED cables themselves, though I have used the brand on and off for over 30 years, and have never been disappointed.

the record spot

I'll echo what Rick said; I just picked up some 400-strand cable for my speakers from Maplin yesterday and while I could've bought similar for less off Ebay (Digitalis Direct, for instance, will do you 10m of 322 strand cable for about £5.50 delivered), I wanted to take the stuff home there and then, so my 6m of 400 strand was about £18. That's going onto the 751s today and I'll use a cut from the cable as a jumper.

I did the same with my 752s using the aforesaid 322-strand and in fact used 79-strand as the jumper. No issues to report except great sound.

Yes, by all means buy your QED Revelation, but for the cost of a pint or two, is it perhaps worth giving the less expensive stuff a run for its money too?


dont bother bi-wiring them its pointless, put your money into some decent cable like chord odyssey or maybe even chord epic they will transform your system, buying second hand also will save you a small fortune.


Thanks to you all for your replies.

Not really sure what ill do yet, some of you guys arent exactly agreeing either hehe, guess thats what to expect on a topic like cables and biwiring etc.

It does seem though, that you all agree there is no point in biwire.

I could also just keep my Audioquest Indigo+, there certainly is alot of copper there :?