B/W CM-5s any thoughts....


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Jul 26, 2008
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Evening every one..

I will hopefully be purchasing a new surround system soon, i would like to stick with b+w very impressed with the quality and service, and reviews.

I will be looking at the CM8s along with the CM2-Centre, however i just wondered about the CM5s standmount speakers heard good things and look very nice indeed, i will be seeking a demo of both, so just wondered if there was any feed back out there, would the CM5s be a good choice, i was also thinking of possibly buying 3 CM-5s F.C.R.L assuming i could get a single of course, if not then it will a CM-2 CENTRE, dont worry about amplification or subs or rears, i will sort the front end first and then add accordingly to what will suit the front end.

As i say a trip to 7oaks for a dem but just thought i would get some advice on others who may of had expereince of above.

Also as my name says pioneer7 i am a bit of a pioneer fan i know they have there downers on certain products, but any thoughts on amps from pioner, i am a little out of touch dont want 9.2 nor bells and whistles but most amps have these any way so i have no choice really, so again any info would appreciated, again will dem any sugested amp.

Many thanks

Andy :)


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Sep 26, 2011
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I happen to have a very similar taste, so I may be baised. I have the CM5s in my listening room, together with Marantz KI Pearl Lites. I find they can certainly cover the music spectrum fine also as standalones. They are bookshelfs, but absolutely fine as left/right fronts. They have a good low-end, but for cinema, you'd want to add a sub.

On the home cinema front, I have just replaced a Pioneer set up with a new Pioneer setup (btw, you need some 5 year old Pioneer gear? ;) ) - I opted for the SC-LX85 replacing a AX4ASi. These receivers are running with the B&W 600 series 3, which is similar, but inferior to the CMs. Pioneer and B&W are a good mix, but remember that B&W like power, so when you do chose a recveiver, make sure to do a demo at higher volume.


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