B&W 685 S2 or Q Acoustics 3050 ?


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May 19, 2015

I was set to buy a set of 685 S2 speakers, but then after buying a new amp in the meantime (Marantz Pearl Lite), it suddenly dawned on me you maybe dont get much 'volume' out of bookshelfs as they can only move so much air no matter how hard you drive them. And at loud volumes maybe they will always sound a bit messy - is how my mind is imagining it.

I have Montior Audio BX2s on really good stands. I cannot remmeber the brand, but they were award winners. When loud its a bit poor and not exactly loud in a strange way.

So I started looking at floorstanders and found the 5 star rated Q Acoustics 3050s, which are the same price as the 685s and on pictures at least, look pretty good quality.

I guess my question is, what will be the best out of these two?

Firstly for general sound quality. And then for loudness.

Reading this back, I know it sounds daft asking about volume and loudness, but it is a factor for me.

Thanks for any advice


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Jun 18, 2014
B&Ws but it does not matter what I or anyone thinks - How do they compare or sound to you?


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Dec 29, 2012
Your mind is a bit mixed up I think. Floorstanders are not nessessarily going to move more air as the drivers canbe the same size, several louderspeakers makers have bookshelf and floorstand versions. What you may get is more bass from the larger cabinet but that in itself introduces many problems thats why I tend to avoid budget floorstanders , also the cabinets cost much more money so you have to ask yourself where is the money being spent. PMC do bookshelf and floorstanders with same drivers, the floorstanders cost about twice the price.

You really to need to hear many different speakers with your amp. I would not just pick out 2 and choose one.

First 2 speakers I heard were about the worst ones, Rega and B&W. I thought Rega were going to be suitable for me. I suggest you try brands like Kef, Tannoy, AE, Dali and the ones you selected.


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May 28, 2015
for me i prefer floorstanders, to my ear most give a larger deeper sound which suits my taste, although i wouldnt rule out a standmount in the future....but i guess thats the key here, depends what your taste is and what kind of music you listen to. Im mostly dance, rock and indie, so i thirst after a sound thats got good bass. QA 3050's should be a good speaker, so def worth an audition, and do a back to back with a standmount and see what you prefer.


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Jan 27, 2011
You have not mentioned the size of your room? That could make quite a difference in what you choose. depending on how they sound in your room. The 685's are quite large bookshelf speakers which may give you the volume (scale) you need and much more quality (clarity) over the BX2's, but you may prefer the greater scale the floorstanders give in a larger room. Can you demo them at home?


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