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B&W 685 or Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Dear Hifi readers, I need suggestions. Which is better, B&W 685 or Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom? I listen to any music, jazz, pop, rock but no classical music.

My plan is to pair these speakers with a Marantz PM6003 amp. I prefer a clear sounding system, with a tight bass. I'm not going to add any subwoofer to this system. Is the B&W worth it since it cost more than twice the Tannoy? Will it give more pleasant bass to the system?

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

the record spot

You may find the detailed and articulate presentation of these too produces too lean a bass, which might seem good at first, but appeals less and less over time. I used to be rather like you I think with similar tastes, but you do need a little more character in the bass to give a more rounded and probably honest representation of the music.

Not sure what the F1s are like, but either choose a speaker with a little more oomph down below or an amp that does likewise.