B&W 603s3 and Marantz SR7300


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Aug 10, 2019
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I got this system a few years back and i've never been fully happy with it. its set up as a home theatre system with other satellites not related to this post.

What i dont like about the receiver is that the LPF/HPF (low/high passover frequency) are set to 80, 100 or 120hz.

i chose the lowest, which was 80hz.

but since the receiver cuts off any signal below 80hz and sends it to the subwoofer, the 603's aren't getting a good workout at all. the sound is tinny, there is almost no bass watsoever from the floorstanding speakers without the subwoofer.

Is there any way around such a high LPF/HPF? or can anyone suggest anything?

Thank you all in advance

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Assuming you have the front L/R speaker size set to large in the set-up menu, the best thing to try is the Bass Mix function, which will send the bass to the left/right speakers. The manual isn't exactly an example of clarity, but it seems to suggest that this will solve your problem:

The bass mix setting is only valid when "LARGE" is set for the front
speakers and "YES" is set for the subwoofer at stereo playback .
When the "BOTH" is selected, the low frequency signal range of
"LARGE" are produced simultaneously from those channels and the
subwoofer channel.
In this playback mode, the low frequency range expand more
uniformly through the room, but depending on the size and shape of
the room, interference may result in a decrease of the actual volume
of the low frequency range.
Selection of the "MIX" will play the low frequency signal range of the
channel selected with "LARGE" from that channel only.
Therefore, the low frequency signal range that are played from the
subwoofer channel are only the low frequency signal range of LFE
(only during Dolby Digital or DTS signal playback) and the channel
specified as "SMALL" in the setup menu"


Okay, i remember playing around with these settings when i first got added the sub to the system.
One of them, either 'mix' or 'both' would allow the sub to work only when there was a surround sound signal, and the other worked for both surround and stereo signals.

Since i listen to both stereo and movies, which one is my best option?

The setting is on 'both' at the moment,

Thanks, i really appreciate your support


Okay, i played around a little bit this morning. i Turned off the subwoofer and tested 'both' and 'mix' modes. I could not tell any differences between the two.

Also, i just realised that the LPF/HPF only affect the speakers that are set to 'small' (my front speakers are set to 'large' while surround speakers are set to 'small')

theoretically, according to the manual, this means that the whole frequency range is sent to the large front speakers, while the surrounds are cut off at 80hz and everything else is sent to the sub. Am i correct in assuming this?

Therefore, i believe that, in my case, the speakers are either under-performing or not set up properly, the sub is not set properly (its a 10inch B&W, manually restricted to 80 or 120hz, i forget), or that the room is simply too big (at least 7m by 5m with gyprock walls that soak up alot of the sound).

The reason i set the maximum frequency on the sub so high is because there is alot of mid to lower-mid bass missing if i set it any lower. when i put it lower, i have to turn up the volume, making the low bass really muddy.

According to the reviews from this magazine a couple of years ago, i expected alot more from the speakers. as it stands today, the lower mid-bass drivers hardly move at all, and im not sure if its because of the receiver or just the speakers


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