Azur 640 plus KEF Q7


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Jan 4, 2012
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I am thinking about changing some of my audio equipment. I have owned Cambridge Audio Azur 640A and KEF Q7. I dont use Cd player now because it got broken some time ago ( there is only one channel playing and as it is quite old decided not to repair )

Use my computer istead equiped with Asus Xonar Essence with dedicated Cambridge Audio interconnect.

I would like to upgrade system a bit and have been thinking about Maranz PM6004. Will it make a big difference in comparism with Azur 640 A ? Should I upgrade speakers too? And if so what speakers would be nicely paired with Maranz PM 6004.

I like to listen rock and metal music mainly, some jazz and electronic music from time to time.

Does the plan make any sense or stick to the current setup and change only speaker cables and interconnect?

Thanks for help


The PM6004 sounds different. It's more laid-back as has a warmer midrange in comparison to your 640A. However, in my opinion, it's not a worth deal. The 640A are better in dynamics and can handle low frequencies better with heavier bass. I mean, there'll be a trade-off and it won't a real upgrade.

If you are after a real step up over your current amplifier you'll have to spend a bit more. Rega Brio R, Creek Evolution 2, Exposure 2010S2 and Arcam FMJ A18 are good options. Anyway, if you are keen on Marantz sound signature, you may try also the Marantz PM-8004.


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