Award-winning Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II will sound even better in 2023


Dec 31, 2022
I’m hoping there’s some mistakes in your article.

The Bose QC II’s feature the QCC5171 SoC. The S5 Platform is a marketing umbrella term which covers a selection of SoC’s. It’s not the name of an independent SoC.

aptX Lossless is an extension, or mode, of aptX Adaptive. The two are inseparable. it’s a 3rd revision of aptX Adaptive that includes the aptX Lossless mode.

The QCC5171 comes with support for the 3rd revision for aptX Adaptive and thus aptX Lossless. It’s the same SoC used in the NuraTrue Pro earbuds, which of course already deliver aptX Lossless.

Here’s the man himself, Nick Smith, and you can see him say that lossless is coming:


The next bit of bad news about your article is that you have the “polarity” of the aptX HD compatibility wrong.

aptX HD-only receivers are compatible with an aptX Adaptive-only transmitter but an aptX HD-only transmitter is not compatible with aptX Adaptive-only receivers. So, mobile phones with aptX HD will not be able to transmit this to the Bose QC Earbud II’s.

The irony is that the original QC Earbuds were based on an SoC (QCC5125) that meant they had aptX HD reception onboard. Bose did not enable this in its firmware. Would be nice if they opened this up for customers of that generation as aptX HD can be found on more source devices because it’s available as a software-only codec.
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