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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi ,

I am in the market for a new cd player and have been leaning towards the Avi lab series cd player but can't find any reviews on it anywhere ? Plenty on the matching Avi integrated which is superb.

My system is the Avi lab series integrated and my speakers are Ae1 Mk3's. I was looking at the Avi cd player as it obviously matches and also it should have the synergy with the integrated. My other consideration would be a Densen cd player. Any input welcome, also a owner/user insight into the Avi cd player would be great, I just need to know its character etc. I came from an all Naim system and like that kind off fast pacey detailed sound which I get that from the Avi amp at a fraction of the cost of my old Naim pre power combo.

I better get back before the wife realises I've sloped off on the internet on Christmas day !!

Thanks in advance and happy Christmas to you all !


I,m also looking at the AVI amp
I tried it against several other amps from:Musical fidelity A5,Primare i30,Naim supernait,Cyrus 8vs,Krell 400xi,Leema tucana,Copland 405,LSI,UNISON SECONDA,Roksan caspian,And out of the list,i favor the AVI ,Krell,Leema tucana,Copland 405.I,v decided i,m going to listen to the 4 again and possibly the Primare i30 simply because i was not able to use it's balanced connection at the time,so i,ll give it another chance.Anyway the cd players i,v been using are Copland 823(mainly),Cyrus cd8x (i own),Leema antilta,i,v also used the AVI cd player with its amp and it sounded fantastic-bright,very detailed,refined,composed and neutral.I think you should also try the Copland 823 which has a more warmer sound, but i was not able to compare them because the shops don't stock both brands.The speakers i,v been testing are B&W 805s,Wilson sq ones.If i spend around £3000 i,d choose the Leema tucana it sounds good with any of the above cd players,and for £1600 AVI again it sounds excellent with AVI cd, COPLAND and cyrus.I haven,t decided what i,m going to do yet,but i hope i,ll have it done-bye Feb 08.


[quote user="Thaiman"]AVI to replace NAIM? I think Densen or Plinius would have been a better choice. Nice pair of speakers by the way:)[/quote]

Hi Thaiman,

I was sceptical at first but I needed the power to run the Ae1 Mk3's properly. I sold my Naim for £3850 and paid £800 for the Avi and was there a £3000 difference ? The answer is no....The Avi is astonishing value at the second hand price and is a fast, powerful and detailed amp which is why I guess it won the best amp up to £3K in what hifi.

Thanks for your comments on my speakers, they are not only lookers they also perform well too !


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