av receiver and tv aerial socket question


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Aug 10, 2019
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hopefully one of you experts can answer my question...

I have set up my tv on a tv support attached to the wall with the cables running behind the wall down to where my av receiver will be. that is not visible. however after all that work i have just had a doubt as to whether the aerial cable goes directly into the tv ( in which case no problems) or first into the av and from there via the hdmi to the tv... which is the better option... if the latter I have not had an aerial socket installed near the av and so is my only option now to have a visible cable going back upto the tv...

If I connect directly into the tv, then will the av still be able to send the sound out to my 5.1 speakers ( that is, sound from the aerial signal not dvd etc)


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why would you want to connect a TV ariel to the amp? does it have a TV channel decoder in it? you will need some connection from what ever is decoding the TV channels to the Amp if you want that sound to come out of the Amp.

It may be an idea to give a bit more info on the Amp/TV and any other "boxes" and how they are connected.


The ariel point in the av is for a radio signal and wouldn't pass the tv signal through. You'd need a separate run of cable to the tv and the choice is to either run a cable with end already on or install a ariel point in the wall itself


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