Av Receiver and Speakers £900 budget


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Sep 3, 2007
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I am about to invest and upgrade my home cinema system to replace the old 'one box Sony' thing that has been pretty good for last 5 years.

The £900 doesnt inc cables and the dvd player is a Sony 860 recorder model; ive narrowed a few options but keen to here others.

1. Sony 1200 receiver (300) and Quad Lite (600)

2. Sony 1200 (300) Tannoy Mercury F1 fronts (£180 2 pr), Tannoy centre (130) then either Wharfedale 250 sub (250) or Velodyne CHT-8R (300).

3. Onkyo 605 (400) and q acoustic 1010i (500)

Any help really appreciated as to me this is a lot of money and is a bit of an investment, oh no suprise here but the system will also be for my music which will be from cd player that i havent thought about yet and the Ipod as a back up.



I'm on a very similar search as you, so thought I would chip in with what I've been thinking so far. I've pretty much settled on the Onkyo 605 - but am finding it difficult to decide on the speakers.

I'm considering either the Q 1010i or the Wharfedale Diamond 9 HCP - both have good reviews and are in budget. In both options I'm unsure how well the small front speakers will hold up as music players (I also want to use the system as the main music player in the house). In particular we have quite a large room (4.5m x 6.5m) so I was wondering whether to increase the size of the fronts (e.g. Diamond 9.1's, or the next size up in Q acoustics package - a 1020 I think).

I assume switching the fronts of a package (for same manufacturers/series) will not cause unbalanced performance.

One other option briefly considered was the Tannoy Mecury F1 Custom package - but that's stretching the budget perhaps a little too far.

- any help on this would be much appreciated!




All 3 under £900 now they are super reduced at Superfi...



AE's are only in beech and i'm not sure how much room you have though.