Austrian Audio Hi-X15


Nov 9, 2021
Great review, and based on it I very nearly bought a pair. I also found reviews on Youtube for these cans and their Bluetooth hybrid siblings Hi-X25BT. These seem similar in every way, though adding 30 hours or so of playback over Bluetooth which is always handy on the go. That tempted me especially as I don't think battery packs last as long as the headphones might, and using wires when it's possible likely makes for better sound than Bluetooth can muster? A hybrid set of cans could in theory offer what a Bluetooth set might, but also more, for longer.

However, I bought a pair of JVC HA-S91N instead. While that is irrelevant and my opinion isn't worth much, I wanted to bring these to your attention as a possible alternative. The design is a little more plasticky and they're presented in a cloth bag inside a card board box that Apple execs would roll their eyes at, but I care for function over form. The cups on the JVCs look similar to these Austrians and I found them comfy (with no airtight sucking effect, though snug). The outside however is more matte plastic than shiny metal. There's no reviews of these JVCs anywhere as far as I can tell and it seemed I could only buy them directly off JVC (Kenwood) or via Bezos' evil empire. However, for £150 they offer the hybrid form of the Hi-X25BT, as well as Active Noise Cancelling. Of course JVC might not be who/what they once were, but my experience with HA-RX700 cans gave me enough confidence to take the plunge. I'd happily share an opinion on the sound etc, but I'm no expert and I'll mostly use these with Spotify and streaming video on iPad and Android phones, laptops, PS4.. If the advertised 42 hours on BT (37 with ANC) are solid, this for me offers the right functionality at the right price - I gazed longingly at Sony WH-1000MX4 of course but I can't afford the extra £120 and I like the hybrid promise of longevity and adaptability (the PS4 doesn't connect to Bluetooth headphones!). Anyway, time will tell. Hopefully I won't have to come back here in 6 months bawling my eyes out over some snapped cans. I'd really love to see these headphones put t a proper test by yourselves though.


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