Audiolab Amplifier Upgrade


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Aug 10, 2019
My system is as follows:

Linn Sondek/Syrinx+Incognito/Ortofon MC10FL

Marantz CD63KISig / VDH First (it was half price!)

Audiolab 8000a

Mission 753 / VDH Teatrack

Notwithstanding the fact that the CD player, while very competent, is a little outclassed by the LP12, the amplifier feels very much like a weak link. Specifically I feel that it needs a little more control over the bottom end - things can get a little boomy now and again. Obviously this could also be an inappropriate speaker issue but it kind of feels like the amp would be a better upgrade, especially as I'm hoping to get my hands on a pair of tatty old Isobariks at some point...

The question then is - what to do with the amplifier? I need expandability in case the 'brics ever happen and the long term plan of taking them active comes off (grin). So pre-power seems sensible - the 8000a can be a preamp in the interim if the power amp(s) aren't gain matched to it or if budget won't allow a decent phone stage.

The obvious choice would be an 8000p or two 8000m's ( I was a little disappointed that an 8000q + 2 (even 4 given the price range) 8000m's didn't make the pre/power review a couple of months ago!). But rumour has it that the new audiolab isn't as good as the old - is this even true? Are there better options available? How would four 8000m's compare to the very tempting looking Cyrus kit or even some Naim kit in that review? My local shop (which doesn't do Naim or Cyrus sadly) even has second hand Quad 909 power, or an MF A300 Integrated available... Or there's a healthy market in second hand Naim on ebay...

Basically I'm at a bit of a loss as to which way to go - I don't need or want to get all the way in one shot but I really don't want to have to ditch whatever I buy next time I want to upgrade.

Any suggestions, comments, or advice appreciated




It looks quite a decent well balanced system to me,one of the last decent speakers Mission made.Personally if it was me I would look at the old Audiolab power amps and experiment with speaker positioning and placement.


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Jul 28, 2007
Wow...great system, love to own your deck!
I am a MF's tart so the A300 get my vote, if you can find Nu-Vista amp would be even better. My MF A5 (with phono stage) is also for sale but we don't have a trade forum here yet!
Naims products are very expensive when compare to other but they also hold on to their value like a David Beckam so you should lost very little money when up grade again in the future.


Yeah, that's kind of my starting point.

After all I'm basically very happy with the sound bar the occassional bottom end bloom.

I guess I'm just worried about heading off down the wrong path - something that I felt about my old cyrus one (mk2) - a fantastic little amplifier (I always think of it as a cheap proper amp rather than a budget amp as it murders budget sources) but one with no upgrade path at all.

I'm also intrigued by this question as to how the new audiolab compares to the old - you can buy an 8000m for 350ukp which isn't that far off what you pay for a second hand one on ebay.


(thanks ;-)

I've always been intrugued by the MVX/A370 option but I'm not sure the temperature is compatible with small children! And they're rare as hens teeth. Or maybe 4 SA470s !!!! (weighing a total of about a third of a tonne).

Very difficult to audition before buying as well.


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